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Here’s a list of some great movies to watch that promote being your own boss from the ToiletPaper Blog.

The 5 Top Movies All Entrepreneurs Must Watch

1. Miracle On 34th Street

What You’ll Learn: The greatest lesson in salesmanship that no one follows.
The Entrepreneur’s Lesson: Santa Claus, working at Macy’s, goes out of his way to help customers often encouraging them to shop elsewhere for the best deals. Instead of losing customers, Macy’s becomes overwhelmed with customers seeking Santa’s help. Macy’s sales increased simply by doing the best for the customer – too bad they don’t do this in the real world, but you should.

2. Click

What You’ll Learn: What it’s like to fast-forward life.
The Entrepreneur’s Lesson: Adam Sandler wants to keep fast-forwarding to the major accomplishments of his career. He loses the balance between work and home, and misses the lessons hidden in life’s daily routine. Entrepreneurs are generally of the “I want it all now” breed, and this movie will show you how wrong that is.  Take the good with the bad, and never stop pursuing you entrepreneurial AND family dreams.

3. Glengarry Glen Ross

What You’ll Learn: Lying, cheating, stealing never works long term.
The Entrepreneur’s Lesson: Hard close sales work… for a single sale. Ultimately your reputation is ruined, and deceived people lay in your wake. This movie is all about what not to do as an entrepreneur.  Unfortunately too many businesses still follow these practices.  Get in an industry with a “Glengarry” reputation and be honest, reliable and go out of your way to be helpful. Your business will flourish.

4. Office Space

What You’ll Learn: If you don’t like what you are doing, change.
The Entrepreneur’s Lesson: Follow your gut. If you hate what you do, change. Just don’t steal – that never works. Instead find your passion and pursue it. And if you already own a business that you love, don’t mess with Melvin.  He might just burn down your entire building.

5. Jerry MaGuire

What You’ll Learn: What you expect when launching your business never comes true.
The Entrepreneur’s Lesson: Hands down, the best movie for entrepreneurs of all time. Jerry leaves his big money agency position to go out and start his own shop. Just like any entrepreneur that leaves to start their own business, he suspects every client will leave with him. There is no easier way to start a business, right? This movie shows the real deal. Nothing ever goes as planned.

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