What are the 5 Key ingredients for Network Marketing Success?



This is what I’ve learned from the master network marketers…

To Succeed we need these 5 ingredients:

1. A Big Why—This is your driving force to succeed…since it’s not easy, otherwise everyone would succeed in being their own boss, leveraging themselves, and living in paradise. We choose this business model to  leverage ourselves…not necessarily because of the product.

2. Autoship— committing to having your product purchased monthly – Network marketing businesses succeed because product is moved through the system. If you  are on autoship and consume the product, then we are in business. Joining and not consuming product is an illusion of a business. Period. This is non-negotiable.

3. Exposure— You need to expose your business/opportunity / products at least 15 times per month. The more you do it, the more you will succeed. If you don’t “show up ” and tell someone…how are you going to succeed? Sounds simple, but I have seen people join and never open their mouth…and then say it doesn’t work. No, you didn’t work.

4. Plug into the system– Attend your company’s functions…this could be corporate events, local meetings, webinars, conference calls, 3 way calls, etc. You need to get connected with like minds.

5. YOU, INC. – personal development! Invest in yourself. Meditate, write down your goals, read! Entrepreneurs have a mindset to succeed. We do not think like employees. Some people are born with that talent and others need to develop that thinking. Get creative and start unleashing yourself. I personally love listening to Ester Hicks.

Some of my favorite teachers:

Hope you enjoyed today’s simple post on making your network marketing business a success.

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