What does it mean to be an “AlphaNetworker?”

I got  a very interesting email from Mike Dillard, the founder of  “Magnetic Sponsoring” and  he proceeds to explain what an “Alpha Networker ” means…

“Why do groupies flock irrationally to celebrities and rock stars?

Why do people become “famous”?

Why do some women find certain men completely irresistible even if he’s dead broke and usually a jerk?

Why can you throw 10 complete strangers in a group together, and within minutes or hours, a leader will emerge that the others will follow?

Why does everyone want to work with the top earners in your company?

Why can those individuals join any opportunity in the world and have a sizable organization within weeks or months with little or no effort compared to the average Joe who’s busting his tail for dismal results?

And most of all, how do you tap into this phenomenon and become pursued yourself?

These are questions I asked myself for years, before I discovered the answer that I’m going to share with you right now…

And even though you’ll have the answer within your grasp within the next few minutes, you’ll still have to go through the process of actually becoming “Alpha”, if you want to enjoy the rewards, which is why we produced the new “Alpha Networker” program you’ll learn more about tomorrow.

Now the answers to the questions above lye in basic human psychology, so that’s where we need to start.

What I’m about to share with you is at the core of human-to-human attraction, and I’m actually pulling this from the pages of “Magnetic Sponsoring” for you today, because I don’t think I could say it better a second time round…

So know this: Attraction is not a choice.

It’s a biological/instinctual trigger that evolved millions of years ago to help keep you alive, which is usually why it’s never consciously understood or perceived by people until they actually start to study it.

Here’s a very basic version of a complex, PHD level subject…

By nature, people thrive and live in social groups. They follow a leader until they gain enough experience and confidence to challenge for leadership themselves or start their own group.

This is a survival instinct that has been engrained in us.

People cannot survive on their own, so we’ve formed trusting groups and families.

The leader (usually referred to as the Alpha), was typically the strongest and most dominate individual in the group or family both physically and mentally. One of his primary responsibilities was to protect his group, and in return for that protection, they would follow him.

Everyone lived longer and were therefore able to reproduce, passing down these survival traits in the process to the next generation.

That instinct is still present and definitely used today, but the inherent value of a leader is now expressed through different abilities such as business savvy, sociability, monetary means, and education, instead of physical prowess.

Essentially, we are hard-wired to find other people attractive or un-attractive based on the level of value they have to offer because we gain a portion of their power through the association alone.

Think of a celebrity and his or her entourage.

The people in their group gain social status through their association with him, making them more attractive to others. They become “cooler” and more attractive to other people outside the group who want in.

There are two important lessons here:

1: People have a subconscious attraction to others who convey leadership qualities and have a high level of personal value.

2: If you want to make it big in networking, (or anything in life), you must learn to convey those qualities, and eventually become a leader with value to offer others.

If your prospect or new distributor doesn’t have these qualities, they will struggle as well until they develop them. It’s likely that this process will continue for years until they finally gain the right qualities by accident, or until someone nice happens to share this book with them.

Now when it comes to Network Marketing and sponsoring specifically, there’s one epiphany that you need to have right now if you haven’t had it yet…

People do not join a business, they join YOU.

You see, there are basically three categories of people in life… Alphas, Pre-Alphas, and Betas.

You can also think of these as established leaders, up-and-coming leaders, and followers respectively. Each category offers exclusive benefits and abilities, or lack-there-of, to the individuals within them.

So which category of our three categories are you in right now?

Well here’s a really simple test that may not be scientific, but very effective none-the-less…

Next time you’re out in public and you make eye contact with an attractive person of the opposite sex, take notice of when you break eye contact with them.

Did you look down and away first or did they?

If you looked away first, you likely have a Beta or Pre-Alpha state of mind. If you held the gaze until they looked away, you’re probably Alpha.

Then, ask yourself if you’re worried about what that person thought of you. Did you wonder what they were thinking? Were you concerned with being judged? If so, then you’re in a Beta or Pre-Alpha mindset. .

Well here’s the interesting part…

The group you’re in is determined not by money, experience, the job you have, anything, or anyone else for that matter…

It’s determined by your STATE OF MIND, which is not given or bestowed upon you by others. Rather, your group reflects your personal beliefs about yourself.

You, and only you decide which category you are in.

Society will either agree with you and comply, or will chastise you for being a “poser” depending upon whether or not your actions are in congruence with your beliefs.

This is called your “frame”, or state-of-mind.

You cannot fake belief. You cannot pretend or act. You truly believe you are, or you are not.

You will likely feel like a poser when you start to adopt and accept a new belief system about yourself. You will likely get “caught” by an Alpha who can sense that you’re not being genuine yet, but that’s the key word… “Yet”.

That’s what people talk about when they mention “fake it until you make it.” Well faking it does not mean lying.

It simply means that you’re going to struggle a bit as you go through the process of moving from a follower, to an up-and-coming leader, to a recognized leader.

Your friends, family members, and co-workers will challenge you. That’s why there’s always animosity and resentment in an office environment when someone gets promoted from a “worker”, to a management/leadership position.

Challenging your current views about yourself and acting like a different person is a scary, yet wonderfully rewarding activity. Increasing your value to others, and taking the initiative to move yourself from one group to another is what personal development is all about.

EVERY leader has been there, and you need to know this…

Belief always comes before results.

Belief leads to certain actions and behaviors. Those actions and behaviors are going to be awkward in the beginning, but given dedication, time, and affirmation, those actions and behaviors will turn you into the type of person you need to be, in order to generate the results you seek.

Your goal in the network marketing industry is to become what I call an “Alpha Networker™”.

An example of an Alpha would be a successful upline leader living in a mind-state of abundance, and who is pursued and followed by others.

An example of a Pre-Alpha would be someone who’s recently started to push their comfort zone when it comes to expressing leadership. This is where the struggle is found before the big reward.

  • They’ve started training their new distributors and providing them with instructions.
  • They’re posture on the phone with prospects has become more authoritative.
  • They’ve started hosting and introducing guests on training calls.
  • They’ve taken personal responsibility for their lead generation and marketing campaigns.
  • Their level of personal confidence self-worth has begun to rise significantly.

The third group consists of Betas. They typically have very little confidence or value to offer others, so they simply flock to those who do have it in hopes that it will rub off.

They are essentially, “unsure” of themselves, or still uncomfortable with the idea of being a leader. They typically live life in a state of “reaction”, where life events and other people dictate their rules and reality. It’s usually someone else’s fault.

The primary difference between Pre-Alphas and Betas is that Pre-Alphas have the vision, courage, and willingness to lead themselves through adversity and challenge.

If you cannot first lead yourself through struggles, how can you expect others to eventually follow you?

With that said, there are two important pieces of information to note:

One cannot exist without the other, and everyone must follow before they can lead.

It took me six years to move from a Beta, to Pre-Alpha, to Alpha because I didn’t know any better. I was just floating through live suffering endless inner frustration, because I didn’t know how to move up the chain.

But my lessons learned are your gain.

The bottom line is that you want to be an “Alpha” in all aspects of life, but especially when it comes to business.

Alphas are the people whom others want to be. They are leaders. They are sought-after and pursued. They are attractive to others, and success comes easily.

Here are common personality traits shared by Alphas…

  • Leaders are naturally attractive because they radiate confidence and not concerned with outside criticism.
  • They know exactly what they want and focus their energies on achieving their goals.
  • They have a frame that is so strong, people are sucked into their reality. Everything they do reflects the rules of what’s possible and what is not inside that reality.
  • They tend to have a lot of rules that you must follow when you are around them.
  • They treat themselves with integrity and they absolutely will not tolerate disrespect; in fact they punish it, usually by ignoring the person, or removing them from their life.

Quite a few people have found out that I work this way, as do Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall, and Yanik Silver.

(Have you ever seen how Donald Trump answers an ignorant or disrespectful question? He doesn’t. Period. He either ignores it, or provides an answer to the question he feels he should have been asked in the first place).

  • They offer tremendous amounts of value to others.
  • They truly love themselves.
  • They love and protect those who matter to them.
  • They always radiate positive energy and optimism.
  • They respect themselves, and their bodies, dressing with style, and living healthy lifestyles.
  • They do what the majority is unwilling to.

The upline leader with a team of 10,000 is an Alpha.

The guy you know who gets the hottest girls is an Alpha.

The woman you admire on stage, dressed in class, dignity, and style is an Alpha. The guy in the Ferrari sitting at the light with you is an Alpha.

The pastor at your church is an Alpha. The woman who throws the party everyone wants to be at is an Alpha.

And in the particular case of network marketing, an Alpha is the person who sponsors people effortlessly.

The difference between Alphas and Betas in lifestyle, income, social circles, opportunity, respect, and admiration is enormous.

Alphas get the guy or girl, the car, the respect, the money, and have more opportunities in life to impact more people in a positive manner, whether it’s through public service, creating a charitable foundation, instructing, mentorship, etc.

When you’re an Alpha Networker™, you offer value, and because of that, prospects automatically pursue an association with you.

This is the foundational concept of attraction marketing.

The Alpha Networker™ doesn’t need to make follow up calls, or court prospects.

They don’t need to answer questions about their income, or convince anyone of anything.

Their business thrives in a constant state of abundance where many times, they will need to actually limit the new number of distributors they sponsor, or hand them down to one of their group leaders because they simply don’t have the time to work with so many people themselves.

Would you like to be in that position?

Of course you would.


You don’t have a choice.

Successful entrepreneurs, by definition, are Alpha. By definition, Beta entrepreneurs (and I mean “real” entrepreneurs), cannot exist.

So take some time to think about this information, and how it relates to where you’re at in your current state of personal development.

This business is 90% mental and 10% execution, because when you’re Alpha, (a state of mind), everything else naturally and automatically flows TO YOU, and any past struggles and road-blocks fade away.

All of this naturally leads us to the question, “How do you become an Alpha Networker?”

The best thing to do is find people in your life who are Alpha and start emulating them.

Once you become an Alpha Networker, here are a few common qualities that you’ll share with others…

  • Alphas have an abundance mentality. This is a core concept needed for success.Alphas never come from a “frame of need”. You don’t “need” to sponsor people. You don’t “need” people to join you. When you “need” something from someone, you are automatically supplicating to them and giving them the power.If you don’t have the power in a given situation, then you’re not the Alpha leader are you?Any feelings of “need” are crushed by living in a frame or mindset of limitless abundance. Abundance of money, abundance of prospects, abundance of opportunity, etc… When you live in abundance, you do not fear loss or failure.
  • You are unconcerned with criticism. When you’re an Alpha leader, some Betas will feel insecure and blame you for all of their problems. Many of them resent successful people. That’s what they do because it’s the only option available to them when they are unwilling to take responsibility their own life’s circumstances.Alphas do not let these people or their comments affect them.
  • You dictate the terms. You’re not mean, you are assertive. If other people want to interact with you, it’s on your terms. This is commonly called “posture” in the work-at-home arena.
  • You are willing to say “no”. You know you can’t please everyone, but it does not matter because you live in a frame of abundance.
  • As an Alpha, you give instructions just like the quarterback does or the head coach of a football team.
  • You protect and serve those who follow you. Your goal is to uplift and improve the lives of those around you, not because you feel obligated, but because you want to.
  • You respect yourself and your body, dressing with style, and living a healthy lifestyle.
  • You take risks, but once again recognize there really is no such thing as risk when you live in a mind-state of abundance.
  • As an Alpha Networker, you’re confident, socially powerful, outgoing, fun, a leader, secure in yourself, have high self-esteem, and is someone able to joke around with others and be playful.
  • You have a strong physical presence. Alpha males are relaxed, (watch 007), take up space with their shoulders and always hold eye contact. Alpha females sit up straight with posture, hold eye contact, and move with poise and purpose.
  • You use a strong, confident voice and control the conversation. You tend to speak with a relaxed authority and aren’t afraid to interrupt the other person.
  • When a prospect questions or challenges anything about a Beta’s product or opportunity, the Beta will get frustrated, defensive, and/or offended. They will immediately begin to seek the approval of the prospect.

As an Alpha Networker, you take control of the situation before it happens, or simply ignore it.

  • You never seek approval by ending sentences with, “isn’t it?” or “right?” These questions tacked onto the end of sentences make you sound weak willed, particularly if your vocal pitch rises. Right?
  • You are extremely protective of your most valuable resource which is your time, and do not give it away to others unless they deserve it.

After all of this is said and done, generating attraction is about ONE THING: Increasing your value to others and to the world.

Alphas are valuable people.

The more valuable you become to others, the more they will seek you out.

The more valuable you become to others, the more Alpha you will be.

The “Alpha Networker” has been designed to help you make that transition, from Beta, to Pre-Alpha, to Alpha…

To read more from Mike Dillard’s Alpha Networker ..go here:  http://alphanetworker.com

It got me thinking of my own journey in network marketing and the struggles that I have…you want your friends to be successful in this with you…yet some have never had any experience in being an entrepreneur and you assume that they can do this only to discover that they can’t…and then you become stuck thinking that your MLM doesn’t work…and really you just aren’t sponsoring “alpha networkers.”

However, your traditional business has worked for you because you have established respect for yourself, your product and you convey this message to your customers and they respect and value your business and service…

so…now the answer is …do the same for you MLM, networking business and watch yourself get better results!

Let your friends and family be customers of the product and let them ask you to help them become business owners if they choose…but don’t spin your wheels wanting it more for them.

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