How to add a Gravatar to your blog…


With social media marketing, everything you can do to develop your relationship with your audience helps you increase your long term network…and client base.

One of the simplest ways you can do this is to include a Gravatar with your comments and posts on blogs (either your own blog or ones you comment on).

What is a Gravatar?

It’s a globally recognized avatar, or cool image of yourself or company logo that you use to brand yourself. Scroll through the comments below and notice the images of people who have a gravatar set up. If you like their content and looks, click through to check out their sites!

Where does a Gravatar go?

Whenever you post a comment on a WordPress blog, such as this, your gravatar image will appear next to your comment. When anyone likes the look of your gravatar (and your content!), they can click on that image and go straight to your site!

Here’s how you set up a Gravatar.

  1. Set Up Your FREE Gravatar account.
  2. Make sure to use the SAME email address you used for your Gravatar account when you leave comments on blogs.  This will auto-magically connect your Gravatar image with your comment!

And VOILA! You’ve just increased your social media marketing image by 1000%.

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