How to be a Successful Entrepreneur…10 Tips!




10 Great Tips to be a


Each day, these are things that keep me on track….

1. To be a successful entrepreneur Start thinking “outside the box.” Get outrageous and create your why! Have a clear, well defined Why. Write out your Why and read it everyday! This will keep you on track when you don’t “feel like doing it.” Think about having your cake and eating it too! Don’t leave your kids in daycare, homeschool them; take a vacation every month, not every year! Start dreaming!

2. Eat Right and maintain your best health! In The Next Trillion, Pilzner explains why consumers will turn away from consuming more material goods and instead seek to achieve internal self-improvement—healthier foods, vitamins, nutritional supplements and fitness programs—and why consumers will create a virtually limitless and sustained demand for wellness-based products.

3. Be organized – make lists! Keep a daily schedule, and review the next day at night. Visualize all of your next day plans achieving best possible outcomes. Keep a neat work area, e-mail box, and desk top. A scattered desk is a scattered mind.

4. Use a dream/vision board. Let your subconscious mind be your servent. Find visual representations of everything you want, and put them on a small poster or corkboard. Spend time daily looking at each item, then vividly imagine how you will feel when you have achieved your goals. Imagine you have already achieved each goal.

5. Build a Database which is your List! Your database is your true business asset. Have an aggressive plan for creating new leads daily. Collect all your leads into an online management solution that allows you to e-mail, call, and track every prospect and customer. Categorize your best prospects, partners, and investors. Capture every business card, e-mail, and detail on every new person you meet, whether online or offline. Make a personal rule that you never have to ask somebody for their info twice. Be an aggressive lead capturing machine!

6. Meditate. Even just 10 minutes of “shut eye” time in the afternoon can make a big difference. Learn to be still and stop the flow of endless thoughts and chatter. Read “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

7. Never watch TV…cancel your cable…give your tv away and Read. Read positive, uplifting self improving literature every day. The world is full of negativity and discouragements, you need to fill your mind with winning thoughts and ideas. Read books that motivate, inspire, and uplift. Read first thing in the morning if possible, to set the tone for the day this will help you to be a successful entrepreneur.

8. Be a student and learn from a mentor! Study business, success, and your industry. Subscribe to the right blogs and magazines. Listen to interviews with your successful competitors. Ask questions. Be humble. Remember, when you stop learning, you stop.

9. Shrink your technology gap. Don’t be afraid of it…jump in, bloom where you are and Learn! We all started somewhere…remember when you didn’t know about email? Well you got that down and you will get all the rest down in steps too. The difference between the technology available to build your business, and the technology you are using, is called your “Technology Gap.” You should be aggressively shrinking your technology gap. Technology is key to success in every business. Whoever has the smallest technology gap wins!

10. Never, never give up and be an employee ~ You are a Successful Entrepreneur now! Think Outside the BOX!

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