Who do I prospect for my opportunity?

ListThey all say to make that list….

“don’t prejudge, get out a memory jogger, write everyone down….”

and then you start calling….and get discouraged, right? Sometimes your friends and family make the worst prospects because they might not have the same dreams and goals as you do…they might be happy working a job, they might like looking forward to one week off per year…they might like a routine, they might enjoy staying in the same place forever…get the picture? So…if you try to paint the dream to them…it’s not their dream…on the other hand…

Let’s try to make a better list of some qualities that would work in this business…

*People who have owned a business

* People who want a way out

* People who have tried network marketing and have failed before

* People who are looking online for a business and they opt into your “list”

* People who are referrals from other people.

Everyone starts out thinking that their friends and family would be great in their business but sometimes they just don’t want anything to do with it and then we get discouraged and get into their energy…and it all goes down from there.

So Please don’t get discouraged with your “friends and family List” because it might just be not your best list!

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