Is MLM a wealth formula?

Many people think MLM is truly a wealth formula….

Jim Cramer of Mad money recommends MLM!

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Warren Buffett-Bought 3 Network Marketing companies

Donald Trump-Business Executive / Entrepreneur • Respected leader in wealth creation

Robert Kiyosaki #1 Best Selling Author – Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Cashflow Quadrant

Paul Zane Pilzer Economic Advisor to 2 Presidential Administrations • Best Selling Author and Trend Forecaster

Robert Allen• Author of 5 books on how to achieve financial success – Multiple Streams of Income

Fortune Magazine has referred to Network Marketing and Direct Selling as the ‘best kept secret in the business world’. It has experienced 91% growth in the last 10 years ~ with annual sales in excess of $30 Billion in the US and $100 Billion worldwide. Financial experts say it’s a “recession-proof” industry.


“In Network Marketing ~ the power of your connections and determination allows you to build a highly successful business ~ without the traditional costs of going into business on your own. The products, systems and ability to generate a great income and lifestyle make a powerful combination for those who want their share of the American dream.”


“The simplicity of Network Marketing is that you find something you deeply believe ~ then use it yourself and tell other people about it.”


“The unusual and wonderful thing about Network Marketing is that everyone around you is working to help you grow ~ instead of trying to keep you down ! In what other business do you have people making $50,000 and more a month ~ and they’re willing to tell you exactly how they did it ?

Robert Kiyosaki explains Wealth

—a rob“The number of days you can survive without physically working and still maintain your standard of living”   Robert Kiyosaki

  • Expenses =   $4,000 per month
  • Savings    =   $12,000

Wealth     =   3 months or 90 days

•If you had to stop work tomorrow or lost your job. how long could YOU survive?

•Your Goal should be to develop a Residual Income that is greater than your monthly expenses

Instead of looking at how much money you make working, look at how much money you make if you don’t show up! That is where true wealth is created…time leverage! Trading your time for dollars will only get you so far!


a rob book1.  Get yourself a job: – Linear Income – Trading Time For Money

2. Own your own business – After Paying for rent, employees, superannuation, electricity and taxes – how much money do you think you would have left?

3. Make money work for you – BUT do you have $1million dollars that you can invest at 5% to make a mere $50,000 per year?

“         ….I recommend people consider network marketing. Many

famous franchises cost a million dollars or more to buy. Network

Marketing is like buying a personal franchise…”

R. Kiyosaki “The CASHFLOW Quadrant”


Direct Sales has created more 6 and 7 figure incomes for WOMEN than any other industry!

118 Billion in World Wide Sales ~ 4800 companies to choose from.

Work From Home ~ No Commuting or Traffic Jams

Your Own Boss ~ No Layoffs, Downsizing or Missed Promotions

Open To Everyone ~ Any Age, Race, Education or Experience

Low Overhead and Start-up Cost ~ No Employees or Inventory

Tax Advantages ~ Convert Expenses to Business Expenses

Time Freedom ~ Flexibility and More Time with Family, Friends, Entertainment . . .

Free Enterprise at its Best ~ No Income Limitations

Personal Growth ~ Learn and Develop New Skills

Business “To Go” ~ Just Bring your Laptop and Cell Phone

Spiritual Fulfillment ~ Ideal Environment to Help Many ~ People Helping People

More Top Income Earners are Created in Network Marketing ~ and Faster


Choosing a company to partner with is important because it will be a long term commitment and you wan to make sure you are in alignment with the company’s vision, cause, management and product.

Product/ Service: You MUST have a breakthrough product or service that is unique and delivers on it’s promise. You need a wide open market and product based on powerful upward trends. You also want a product that people will purchase regardless of whether they make money or not (customers are important for residual income)

Timing: Timing is everything in this industry.  You want to position yourself for momentous growth and be a step ahead of the trends.

Ownership/Management: You must have experienced, reputable ownership with a solid track record of success and there must be a powerful mastermind team driving the company into the future.

Vision/Cause: You want to make sure the company you choose has integrity and a powerful vision that you can align yourself with.  You want to work in partnership with the company.

Trends: You need a company that is maximizing on powerful upward trends

A powerful,  rapidly growing trend is the INTERNET: the internet is allowing people to connect at a much faster rate and grow their business globally much faster than before. This is why you MUST learn the skills to market yourself on the internet regardless of which business you choose to go with. Be sure to put your info in the link the the right to learn the exact steps you need to take to have success on the internet.

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