Are you in the Vortex? What are you creating today?

I love listening to Esther Hicks…start your day by watching this…Pull out a pad and start scripting what you want to happen…try it today and leave me a comment and be surprised. My baby bear, Kristen, called me the other day and said, “Momma bear…what is going on…I ‘ve been miscreating up a storm lately!” Now, she knows better…she’s been studying Abraham for about 8 years! We all get into miscreating from time to time…we need each other to remind each other to stop it! Give up those resisting thoughts…This is what Abraham (Esther Hicks) says to do…

1. Identify what you don’t want

2. Identify what you do want

3. Get into the feeling place of having what you want….

4. Let go and manifest it! ( this seems to be the trickiest part)

Get out your pad and do the steps! Have a wonderful day!

Barbara 😀

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