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This article was written by my sponsor in my primary program and it is brilliant. This will help anyone in any networking business understand the process of prospecting , objections and enrolling.

First, I want to define what an objection is, and what it’s not. The sponsoring process in the Numis Network – or any other network marketing opportunity can be thought about as if it were in six steps, which I’m going to cover in my next article. Each of these steps is the same, whether it is using traditional methods, or ‘new school’ online marketing methods. It’s important to discover that even though the methods of moving through the process in each school are different, you’re really doing the exact same thing.

For the sake of objections in The Numis Network – let’s cover only the first 3 steps, because there’s a common mistake I see people making that leads to not getting the exact result that you want.

The First 3 Steps Of The Sponsoring Cycle:

1. Building Rapport – one of the biggest mistakes people make with marketing, sales, and overcoming Numis Objections is that they never build a strong rapport with their prospects BEFORE going in to phase 2. This way of thinking is the single cause of people outside of the Numis Network not seeing the company as a professional business. The easiest way to remember this is by remembering the phrase ‘friendship first – sponsoring second’ OR ‘rapport first, sponsoring second’. If you don’t have a good rapport with your prospects, you’ll never know their real objections, because they won’t tell you. I didn’t do this correctly just yesterday, and it almost made me not sponsor someone that I could have enrolled – just be aware of it and look out for my next article.

2. Pre-qualifying this is the second mistake that I see distributors in Network Marketing making in the sponsoring process – is that they don’t effectively pre-qualify their prospects. The funny thing is – if someone isn’t pre-qualified, they are NOT a prospect, and people don’t understand this. Someone who is not effectively pre-qualified isn’t a prospect, they are a ‘suspect’. One objection in Network Marketing I see people making all the time is that they try and overcome the ‘I don’t want to do it’ suspect. Notice I didn’t say the ‘I don’t want to do it’ objection – because it’s not an objection. Remember, someone can’t give any real objections unless they are a real prospect, and you can never know if they are a real prospect unless you pre-qualify them.  Watch out for my next couple of articles to learn how to pre-qualify prospects – you can do this either through traditional marketing tools, OR, through an automated marketing funnel.

3. Ask questions and find the core need – the third mistake I see people making in handling Numis Network objections is that they don’t effectively find a need, and if there isn’t a real need or want, you should never try and sponsor someone. The great thing is, that most of the time if you pre-qualify someone correctly, you’re not talking to someone unless they DO have a strong desire, and you just need to find out what it is. The rule is – the stronger your pre-qualification step is, the less people you’ll end up moving to step 3, but the more qualified they’ll be and your sponsoring ratios with those people will be DRAMATICALLY higher. I used to make people set an interview time to work with me when I was actively recruiting 2 people per day (I spend more time now helping my team recruit) – and of the people that booked an interview – my sponsoring ratio was more than 90%.

That’s all we need to cover for the purpose of this article – now assuming that you’re moving through the process correctly, let’s get back to the four REAL objections in Numis and how to handle them.

Here Are The Only Real Objections To Doing Anything:

1.  I don’t have the time. Remember – if someone isn’t a prospect, you don’t have rapport, and there isn’t a need, this isn’t an objection, and you need to back up in the sponsoring cycle to ever move forward.   The same thing goes for any of the other four Network Marketing objections.

2.  I don’t have the money. This is actually one of the easiest objections in the world to overcome if it’s actually a real objection.  The problem people have is that they try and solve it when it isn’t real.  Most of the time, if you’ve effectively pre-qualified people and found a need, they’ve got a credit card right there in their pocket that they can put the $495 on that it takes to join Numis, and they are just saying they don’t have the money because it’s something that people naturally do.  Most of the time when people say this, the actual objection is ‘I don’t believe it will work’, OR ‘I don’t believe it will work for me’.  See how to overcome the ‘no money’ objection for more details.

3.  I don’t believe it will work. MOST of the ‘not real’ objections that you run into in The Numis Network, like questions about whether the coins are valuable or not fall into the ‘I don’t believe it will work’ objection.  This is also one of the easiest objections to overcome once it’s properly identified – if people don’t believe it will work, it’s because they haven’t seen a proper benefit based presentation or had the message validated in the sponsoring cycle.  The problem is – sometimes people assume that this is a real objection, and they haven’t built rapport, pre-qualified a prospect, or found a real need, and really, the prospect is just brushing them off.

4.  I don’t believe it will work for me. This is a distinctly different objection than the ‘I don’t have time’ issue, or the ‘I don’t believe it will work’ objection that you’ll find in The Numis Network.  Sometimes, when someone says this, they really don’t think they have the time – OR – they just feel like they can’t spend the money (which usually just means they don’t believe it will work).  When this is real, it’s also easy to overcome, but you have to identify it and make sure that it is the actual, core objection.

That’s really it as far as objections in Numis go – really, that’s true in anything else, too.

Notice I didn’t overcome the ‘I have to think about it‘ statement.  That’s because most of the time when someone says that, it’s not true.  There are actually only about 13 people out of every 100 that think about anything before they decide, and when someone says that who is a REAL thinker – you NEVER, ever overcome it – you let them think about it and move on.

I also didn’t overcome the ‘I have to talk to my spouse’ statement.  Also, that’s because it’s not an objection, it’s a statement that is sometimes real, and sometimes not real.  Not everyone talks to their spouse before they make decisions.  Most people actually don’t.  For example, I never ask Ashley before I make any business decisions.  She found out I joined Numis 4 hours after the fact when I had 40 people in my team.  When someone is a real ‘I have to talk to my spouse’ person – let them do it and if they really want to join, they’ll join.  Most of the time, people are saying this to brush you off because they don’t have a need, they haven’t been pre-qualified – or you don’t have a good rapport and they’re perceiving you as being too ‘pushy’.  In my opinion, all of the other 16 sub-objections aren’t really objections, they’re either statements, or they’re the result of not moving through the sponsoring process in the right way, with the right people.

So how do you overcome objections?  The process is simple.  Remember, you have to be moving through the sponsoring sequence properly or this won’t work, but let’s assume that you are.

Here’s how I like to do it, and it works out pretty good most of the time:

1.  Qualify the objection to see if it’s real. The specific language that I use for this will be covered in a future post, but you can go listen to the ‘how to overcome the money issue‘ training that I did for my exact language.

2.  Go back to the core need that you found in step 2 of the sponsoring sequence, and find out if the core need was real, or if it wasn’t.  Find out if the need is real, if this problem was gone forever, is there anything else that they need to know before they got involved.

3.  If the core need was real, answer the objection with a story (more on this in a future article).  If the need wasn’t real, find out if they are serious, and if they are, find their real need again, and move forward in the process.  (if you need to do this, you need to become more effective at building rapport and asking questions, because it’s a mistake in the sponsoring process, NOT an objection)

4.  After you answer the objection, test to see if it solves the problem by asking them.

5.  If it solves the problem, assume that they told you the truth, and begin the enrollment process with a statement like – ‘Awesome! It sounds like you’re ready to get started…’ OR ‘Are you near a computer right now?’ and then lead them through the Numis Network enrollment.

This works under a few assumptions, and they are:

1.  You have a strong rapport, or ‘connection’ with your prospect

2.  They are effectively pre-qualified.

3.  You’ve found a core need.

4.  You don’t care at all if they join or not,(important) you’re looking more to see ‘is there a potential business relationship here or not?‘ and you are sorting through to find the real ‘prospects’ that are out there for Numis.  Please don’t try and overcome objections with people that aren’t prospects, because it’s annoying to the people, a waste of your time, is the core cause of frustration in Network Marketing, and makes people who are being professional have to overcome additional stigma.  Professionals ‘sort’ and Amateurs try and ‘convince’.

There’s also a couple of other things to note about objections to Numis, and they fall under the ‘not real‘ objections, and that is the absolute idiots on the internet that bash Numis to get attention.

Now, I don’t want to mention the idiots by name, so I’ll use a couple of the ones who aren’t, but will illustrate the point.

For example, a lot of people think that Ty Tribble is giving a real objection to Numis when he bashes the company on his blog.  Now I’m not saying that Ty Tribble is an idiot – I’m not saying that at all – I actually have a tremendous amount of respect for his skill set in marketing and his accomplishments in the industry – he has a niche that works well for him and the people in his team.  Remember, Ty Tribble is not a prospect – he’s a leader in another Network Marketing company, and his primary purpose on his blog is to capture traffic and sponsor them into his own business.  If Ty were a prospect, his statements would be easy to answer, but he’s not – so all of the Numis reps that are going out there trying to convince him that his opinions are wrong are really just wasting their time.  When I first saw Numis, I wasn’t a prospect, and I did the exact same thing – and I couldn’t be reasoned with and I wouldn’t listen.  (See my Numis Network Review for more details)

However, the situation changed, I became a real prospect, and when I looked at the facts, I had to admit that my statements were founded in ignorance, I was wrong, and the best thing to do was to make a decision to get involved with a company, a team, and a product that were destined for greatness.

With a real prospect, everything that Ty Tribble or the other guy – David Wilcoxson, who bashes Numis online can be overcome by simply showing them the correct information, and they have to realize that what we have is different than what they thought…  Just realize the difference between the two kinds of people, and spend your time with the people that will help you grow your business (unless you just love wasting your time all day:) ).

The only other assumption that we need to work with in overcoming Numis Network objections is that it is better for people if they decide to become involved than if they don’t.  If you have that belief, you’ll be able to move through anything that’s real.

What David says will  move your ratios DRAMATICALLY higher if you ‘got it‘.  Watch out for my next 2 or 3 articles for more specifics on sponsoring in the Numis Network, and if you really want to learn how we do it – go ahead and opt in to the form that you see on the right of this page, go through my free training  and apply what you learn in your own business.

To your unlimited success!  Have a super blessed day,

Skype: arizonamermaid

p.s. If you want to get access to how we create unlimited leads online for F*R*E*E click on this link:


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