20 Ways to generate 2 leads per day in your MLM business…


MLM Tips

These 20 Tips will help you  get at least 2 leads per day in your MLM business…

These tips were given to me by our top income earner in Numis Network, Ray Higdon.

1. Start conversations with people in MLM groups on Facebook.

2.  Use alluring (non-salesy) status updates on facebook.

3.  Use search.twitter.com to hunt for other mlm’ers and start conversations.

4.  Write articles or blogs each day that would attract other networkers.

5.  Attend local events, see who’s hungry, who’s “plan A” is not working.

6.  Use drop cards in book stores, salons, waiting rooms, airports.

7. Put a NUMIS NETWORK decal on your back window.

8. Walk into waiting rooms, pretending to talk to someone else on the phone about your gold and silver business (be sure the ringer is off).

9. IF people come over for dinner, leave your coin out on the counter.

10. If you go to dinner/lunch, pt your coin on the table.

11.  Tell your warm market to do you a favor and contact you if anyone approaches them about Numis Network (they will ask you what it is)

12. Take a picture or video of the BMW and paste it on your website or facebook and tell them your company just gave it away.

13.Take this document and create 20 articles or blogs talking in depth about each tip. This will attract other people looking to learn how to market which are perfect prospects.

14. Attend coin shows or conventions and collect contact info for collectors, then contact them and ask them if they do it as a hobby or if they get tax write-offs as a business

15. Wear numis network shirts. (girls get them here: arizonamermaid.com )

16. Wear the silver eagle watch or the silver eagle pendant

17. Post image craigslist ads

18. Post things on facebook that says “For Numis Members Only”

19. New Silver Eagle key chain, leave your keys on the counter.

20. BE HAPPY = Nothing attracts better than a smile 😎

Hope this helps you in your business!

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