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Hi and thanks  for visiting my blog ~ hope you find some treasures here that you can take with you!

I grew up in a small town in Southern New Jersey. My family owned a store in the downtown since 1904…so my beginning in business started at a very young age. I was lucky to have my best friend as my next door neighbor and we were always coming up with amazing ideas of creation! We had plays, productions, trips to the city to buy the newest items, clubs, sleepovers, greeting card sales, candy sales, we made every craft item under the sun.  We never gave up on something that we wanted, ever. We loved to do everything! Being free to create was our lifestyle.

When I was in high school, I wanted these really trendy hiphugger pants and decided to take the bus to the next town over to find them and back in those days they were very expensive. So I bought a pair and then looked up the company’s phone number through information in the phone company and convinced my grandfather (it was his store) to go to NYC and start selling these in his store. We rocked with these jeans for five years and he went from Leasing the space to owning the entire building! My bonus was wearing cute clothes and getting to preorder my wardrobe every season.

After high school,  I ventured to Arizona State University  to live in the sun and have lots of fun while attending business college. Upon graduation, I quickly got involved with my husband’s business selling architectural millwork. I had my children, two boys  and we moved to Cave Creek,  Arizona where I decided to open an academic preschool, Cactus Wren Learning Center,  because my children needed a fun place to go to school.meand boys

I moved back to the East coast for a year to regroup after getting divorced and to reinvent myself.  Needing a flexible, “free” schedule to be a single parent,  I started a bath and body business wholesaling the products to stores throughout the country. While at a trade show in Hawaii, I discovered a cute toe ring and brought it back to Arizona and had it manufactured here and sold them using swarovski crystal flatback stones. This product took off like crazy and was a major hit for a season.  After that was over, having all these swarovski stones left over,  the question was, “what am I going to do now?”  So, I decided to put them on flip flops …the year was 2001 and was born.

yhst-62601455079015_2090_6247525These are my sandals that I’ve imported from Brazil.Since then we’ve added Crystal Logo tees to our line and hair accessories.

So, how did I move into network marketing? Well..I’ve studied Abraham-Hicks for over 18 years now. My children were young and I use to play her tapes while I watched them swim in our pool. So they grew up listening to “the Law of attraction.” I wanted to create more friends in Arizona and I started scripting that out and making categories of what I wanted to create and then started to flow the energy to each category   I put a feng shui wealth/abundance cure under my bed (see the post under newsletter) and 4 days later, a good friend brought me the Zrii opportunity.

I’ve always been a seeker of higher consciousness, having been introduced to “thoughts are things” a very long time ago. I was in a think and grow rich study group with friends and when I was introduced to “vibrational medicine”, I knew that was a sign for me to drink Zrii. Intuitively I knew that it was a great product. At that point, I wasn’t really taking the opportunity seriously because I had a “serious” business with lots of inventory and responsibility. Actually, my son thought I was crazy when I told him about network marketing…he was almost through his 5th year of business college. So, if it takes awhile for your family to get on board, just keep the faith!


After joining my primary program, I started to look online to see what was happening in the industry. Wow! I couldn’t believe the stories I was reading. We don’t have to beg our friends and family to join our business? We could market to the world 24/7?  We could earn income while we were growing our business? We could brand our self as an expert? I must admit, I was really overwhelmed for a long time. Not giving up and chunking it down bit by bit…I’ve begun to understand the power of what we have before us. We really don’t need to be anything but inspired with our opportunities now having joined with the online arena. To create income with only your laptop and cell phone, how much freer can it get? Good bye to the headaches of a brick and mortar business with overhead, paperwork, employees, inventory and even worse dead inventory!  I soon realized that many of my new business partners in my Network Marketing Business were Young (age 40) , Retired from their stressful careers, Professional Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists and such. It wasn’t just my previous mindset of people who were bright enough for a real career.

How I found, what I think, to be the perfect opportunity, NUMIS NETWORK..I had been studying on line marketing for the past year, thinking that I would do Zrii more online….and then I met David Wood…I just loved his energy/ his spirit and wanted him as my personal coach…when he found Numis, that was it…I joined…it just made sense.

I realized that even though Zrii is a good product, it is overpriced and people quit when they aren’t making money period. ( Seriously, berfore you join any company that is promoting an OVERPRICED…still good, but expensive product…ask them about RETENTION!) Do your homework!

IT doesn’t mean they don’t reorder from time to time, but they don’t remain on their overpriced autoship. It’s just a fact really. Ask anyone in this industry that is selling an overpriced product to support their compensation plan and ask them the truth about retention.

Now, besides having a network marketing business, I have learned that you can have MULTIPLE streams of income from you marketing efforts on-line regardless of whether or not they join you in your “Primary” Networking business. You can help others succeed and be paid for spreading knowledge on-line. I love learning new things and the internet is the NEW ECONOMY. JOIN Us! 🙂

—->>>> This is me and my Angel, Adele… (she is my Hero!)

Barbara and Adele

Lots of love and happy creating to you,

Barbara Corson

Your  MLM Angel Entrepreneur

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