My favorite teachers

I love learning and growing and have had the priveledge to learn ideas,

concepts, teachings from many people as I have traveled my path. Here

are a few…

Marcus Evans, Blue Feather, is my personal native American Healer/ Shaman who I had the pleasure to meet when I was in High School….one of the coolest people I know…He’s a hypnotherapist with the coolest voice too…back in the day he had Yanni on his answering machine and it just made me melt….(ok so I have a crush on him- you will too)

Marcus ‘Blue Feather’ Evans is a Medicine Man and Pipe Carrier.

He has knowledge of Cherokee, Lakota and Ojibwa traditions including the use of healing herbs. ‘Blue feather’ apprenticed with Sun Bear, a Ojibwa medicine man.

‘Blue Feather’ also understands traditions of the Pueblo, Southern Ute, Apache and Navajo. He carried fire for Bear Heart, a Muskogee Creek Grandfather and recent leader of the Native American Church.

I met Esther and Jerry Hicks about 18 years ago here in Phoenix in a small gathering with my friends…we use to listen

to her tapes while we watched my little children swim in the pool…

Get in the VORTEX!

Carolyn Myss : Energy Anatomy (incredible!)

go to You Tube and listen to all of her tapes…she is just amazing on explaining how we are 98% energy/spirit and why our spirit gets broken and more importantly…HOW to get it back!

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