My coaching services are free to members of my team. It is important to learn from someone who has walked the path before you to cut your learning curve down. We have ongoing webinar trainings on various topics to help you succeed online (Pay per click, blogging, copy writing, etc.) We also have an incredible team of live people to help you on the phone with your prospects, if you choose to join our team. We are looking for people who want to be mentored to success.

I can only work with those you have the desire and activity to succeed. If you have a big “why” in your life and are ready to put the action steps behind your Why…please join me in creating an Online Business.

Training? Why do I need that?

How long does a Doctor spend training?

How long does a Lawyer spend training?

If you are SERIOUS about this career, SERIOUS about earning a 6 figure income, SERIOUS about firing your boss and building your OWN future….


As we discuss topics, we will be providing you with extremely valuable FREE Training here on our blog. Make sure to check back for NEW Tips & Techniques  on how to properly market your Online Business!

David Wood’s 1 Hour Webinar on Article Marketing Domination

Step-by-Step Blueprint to 25+leads/Day on Twitter

DROP CARD Training with Cedrick Harris

LINKEDin Training with Larry Beacham

The ESSENTIAL Online MLM Training for Facebook

The Psychology Of Closing with Jeff Combs

If you want 100% of all the Phenomenal Training we offer with our System you can have COMPLETE access … for $1.00! Click the Link below… and TAKE ACTION!!!!

Hey Everyone,

I create and upload a lot of different training materials for Numis Network so I thought I would put them all in one place for you all to use!

Step 1 Thee most critical part of Numis Network.  How to get your business started.  This is vital to you regardless if your a belly to belly guy or internet marketer.

Listen to this audio training

Step 2 Get 5 Friends to Watch The Recorded Numis Network Webinar

How to Build Numis in 3 Sentences and My Most Common Objection

How To Build Numis Network by 6 Star Ray Higdon

Ray  Higdon Training



– How to win the Atlantis Trip –

Fast Start Training

– David Woods Fast Start Training –
– Ray Higdon: How I hit 6 Star –

Mindset (THE Most Important Type of Training)

– How to be unstoppable (audio) –
– How to Succeed –
– How to think like a millionaire –
– How to get to where you want to go –
– The MAIN reason I do network marketing –

Handling Objections

Video By Ray
– The Tough Objections –

The Numis Network Compensation Plan

– Ray’s Overview –

Facebook Training

– Larry Beacham Social Media Training –
– Ron Gelok Training –
– Toby and Layla –

Twitter Training

– Ray’s –

CraigsList Training

– Cesar Ramirez –

Offline Marketing

– Handing out DVD’s –
– How to run meetings –

Specialty Training

– How to sponsor heavy hitters –
– 4 Ways to get more traffic –

Recorded Opportunity Presentations

– Rays –
– Dave Woods Cash Flow Class –
– Cedrick Harris –

Be sure to look in your Numis Network Back Office for all schedules of calls, webinars, etc.

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