Must Have Tools

Must have tools to build an online business:

Get a Binder and file all your resources, tips, passwords in one central location

this will keep you organized and will help your brain integrate the pieces to this puzzle.

If you want to build a business online

1. Get your subscription to MLSP:

Click on the picture to go to the link to get this system. It will give you all the information, training and step by step guide to get yourself going in the right direction online.


2. Auto-Responder : My Choice: AWEBER

Do you have an auto-responder program yet?  This is the most important tool for list building as it sets up your email campaigns on auto-pilot.

Click on the photo or link to purchase:


Find A Mentor….Mike Dillard started the “Attraction Marketing” Craze online in the MLM industry…he knows what he is talking about, get a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring for your first course ($39)

It is essential if you want to succeed in this online marketing business to find a mentor.


Mike Dillard is one of the first to master this concept of Attraction Marketing.  He’s down to earth, and knows his stuff.  He offers many different programs.  Here are a few I recommend:

  • Building on a Budget It is possible to produce lots of traffic on line without spending much money at all.
  • Magnetic Sponsoring A Free 7 Day Video Boot Camp on the ins and outs of Attraction Marketing…The art of no more chasing leads.
  • Learn the art of generating thousands of leads with Google Adwords.
  • Learn the formula that Mike uses to generate over 600 leads a day for free.





1. The first step is to get a hosting company for your blog. You can do this by going to

BlueHost . I like them because they answer the phone and help you get everything set up, loaded and will continue to answer your questions.  You get a free domain name here with your initial hosting account. You can register as many domains as you want to this account and have all of them hosted for one low price. It is also a referral program so remember to set up your affiliate link.

2. I purchased my wordpress theme from   There are many free themes that come with your wordpress software and you can change them as you go and progress in your blog.

3. This is another great resource to get your blog uploaded with a professional header and the social media buttons for facebook ,twitter all for a low, low price of $199.  All you need is your professional photo ready and what your copy is going to be. Check out my Blog Service Page…simple set up to save you time.


Twittetwitter-goldr Tools and applications:

Desktop:     Tweetdeck , Twirl:     http://


Productivity Tool to send automated messages to new followers :

To find followers:,,http://

To Make Life Easier:          (to keep all your passwords)          (to view page inside a page)

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